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Queen & Portland

In this episode we talk to long time Tribute homeowners; from layout to finishes we find out why they bought their Tribute home and what they love most about it! Referrals from Happy Homeowners make up almost half of the families in our Communities, find out why our Homeowners not only refer their friends and family, but also buy Tribute again and again!

Tips for Making the Right Decisions: What's perfect for you!
My tribute is... A home where dreams take shape, a community where families become lifelong friends, an enclave that resonates with life and laughter. It's a place to gather around with loved ones, to celebrate the good times, a place to bond with family and friends, a place where memories are made and hopes are fulfilled. It's my Tribute home. We love getting feedback from our Homeowners; we thought we'd share some with you!

I'm very impressed with the service we receive from Louie. Personally, my experience with him has been excellent and I know his work definitely contributes to the reason why Tribute is one of the leading home builders in customer satisfaction.
~ Homeowner, The Grove

We have been looking at new home developments for the past 2 years and have not experienced this kind of service and individual care at any other Presentation Centre. On the contrary, we have experienced arrogance, rudeness, and being ignored.   Today, we received a lovely welcoming e-mail from Jane regarding get-togethers, BBQ's, seminars where we can meet our neighbours. We have purchased 2 new homes in the past 15 years, and have never been invited to anything by the builders. For us, at this time, Tribute has gone above and beyond anything we have ever experienced or expected from a builder. We are looking forward to our design consultations over the next few months, and are hoping this wonderful experience continues. 
~ Homeowner, The Neighbourhoods of Windfields Farm

I want to commend Tribute service, once again, for outstanding customer service. I live in Nottingham and have so for over 4 years. I was having a problem with one of my sinks and called the service department this morning to see if someone could come and have a look at it. And much to my amazement my doorbell rang with your serviceman within 30 minutes of my call. I would call that EXCEPTIONAL service. I want to thank you and your company for reminding me why I am such a proud owner of a Tribute home. It is no wonder why Tribute is rated so high for their after sales service.
~ Homeowner, Nottingham Community

Jeff's team went above and beyond the call of duty by making us feel "right at home," from our first visit all the way through to purchasing our new home. The sales team knew our entire family by name after only a few visits. This small touch of "personalized care" made our family feel that Tribute was the right place for our family to start a new chapter in our life.
~ Homeowner, Park Ridge

This letter is in regard to the exemplary work ethic and customer service practices shown by Tribute employees at the Queen and Portland Condos, my home since last August. I moved to this condo when much construction had not yet been completed and I was encountering Tribute employees throughout the entire building. Regardless of how busy or hurried the workers, they consistently demonstrated a friendly and polite demeanor. Many of your employees asked if there was anything they could do to make living under construction more comfortable for me; for instance, they were concerned about construction noise being disturbing. In fact I did not find the level of noise bothersome at all.
~ Homeowner, Queen and Portland