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Queen & Portland

In this episode TV host and stylist Janette Ewen decides after years of renting it's time to buy a home. Janette's first priority is finding a trusted builder and a project that is in a community she wants to live in. Join Janette as she tours Toronto's Queen West district and visits the Tribute Communities Queen and Portland project.

Tips for Choosing a Community That's Perfect for You!
When it comes time to purchase a home remember it's not just about finding your dream home, it's about finding your dream home in a community that's right for you and your family. There are a few things you should consider when it comes to selecting a community:

1. What are you looking for in a community in regards to outdoor space? Are parks, trees, landscaping important to you, and if so what do the outdoor spaces look like in the community, or what is the builder planning to include once the build is complete? Many young communities are great investments as they will grow with you and your family and builders like Tribute Communities put emphasis on landscaping a community and including parks and recreational space in their plans.

2. Are there plenty of amenities, shops and restaurants near by?

3. If public transportation is of importance, is it readily available?

4. Are there schools near by? Are they well kept?

5. Spend a moment walking around your potential community, are the people friendly, do they make eye contact when they walk by, say hello?

6. Are there organized social activities in the community? At Tribute Communities, the on-site community coordinator organizes many activities including holiday parties, summer barbecues, yard sales? Is there someone or an organization in your community that will do this?

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